How advances in remote monitoring create new efficiencies annually.

Data collection, interpretation, and reporting are the daily responsibilities of operators, managers, and service engineers of water and wastewater treatment plants. The tools available to them require lots of manual work, leading to enormous amounts of time being spent. Manual collection of data can result in gaps where data is missing, further complicating accuracy. With advances in remote monitoring, data reporting is now done automatically and stored for long-term trend analysis. This allows operators and technicians to spend time elsewhere often increasing productivity and overall efficiency.

How Customers Benefit from STREAMETRIC

With the enormous amount of data generated in today’s water plants, there is a star comparison between the previous way of collecting data and the new tools for remote monitoring. We spoke with Mark Parli, Technical Service Director at MMBR Systems. Over a single period of a support contract for a large wastewater treatment plant in Texas, he was involved in creating over 92 spreadsheets to track the plant’s performance and support maintenance decisions. He noted: “We were probably putting in 20 hours a piece on each of these spreadsheets. That is a lot of hours to get the same sort of impact that I’m getting out of those 92 spreadsheets. It takes me 20 minutes with STREAMETRIC.”



Monitor Your Plants from Virtually Anywhere

The cost of traveling to different locations to check the status of plants will certainly accumulate over time. With more advanced monitoring software, you are able to check reports from the office, at home over breakfast to better plan your day… or, virtually from anywhere via mobile device. Technical Director of MMBR Systems, Dennis Livingston, noted that remote monitoring dashboards add a more holistic overview of systems across multiple locations simultaneously. “We may be monitoring a dozen different plants, and I can see the key parameters for each plant in a snapshot.” Remote monitoring’s quick and easy tools give systems managers access to the key parameters, synchronized data, overlap event logs, and a simpler view of where obstacles are occurring and what is causing an issue. Having access to this data allows one to have specific solutions to pending issues.”

Trends, Events, and Offline Data in One Place

New monitoring software offers a complete data package that you are unable to get with just spreadsheets. You can also map trends along with the logged events. From here, events can be overlayed onto the trends, which allows for users to have the complete data package experience. A varied range of information is available and able to be transformed into actionable solutions and results. This streamlines the complex process of reporting.

Finding experienced talent is also a main challenge of the water and wastewater industry today. A modern monitoring solution like STREAMETRIC doesn’t just save lots of time, it also helps to retain young professionals. The cutting-edge technology attracts those involved with machine learning, AI, and much more.



The Future is Predictive Analytics

Adding predictive analytics to remote monitoring empowers data-driven decision-making that helps your water filtration technology reach its full potential. STREAMETRIC combines 70 years of filtration expertise with machine learning to empower you to make prediction-based decisions for your assets. Our state-of-the-art technology allows us to build predictions capabilities customized for your application in less than a month. STREAMETRIC allows for its users to maintain their assets’ performance long term and to improve their cost-efficiency. It is STREAMETRIC’s vision to improve the sustainability of filtration.


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