Our hardware is developed to simply integrate with the STREAMETRIC SCADA application. Its modular design allows for different I/O (inputs & outputs) and connectivity configurations, allowing to connect to almost all sites at any location. The STREAMETRIC hardware can be provided plug&play in a NEMA-rated enclosure or integrated in existing control panels.


Monitoring Solution

STREAM-M is a Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) focused on monitoring applications (example: Water Towers, Lift Stations, CSO sites, …). It supports STREAMETRIC AI-Flow predictions and can perform various edge analytics, like run times, cycle counts, pulse counts and flow aggregations. Data is published live on a schedule and alarms are sent in real-time.

  • Inputs: 8-16 Digital, 8-16 Analog
  • Cellular, Ethernet & RS485 (Wi-Fi option available)
  • Battery backup & power fail alarms
  • Further configurations available on request


Control Solution

STREAM-C combines the strength of STREAM-M with digital and analog outputs that can be securely controlled from the STREAMETRIC SCADA app.

  • Inputs: 16 Digital, 8 Analog
  • Outputs: 6 Digital, 4 Analog
  • Cellular, Ethernet & RS485 (Wi-Fi option available)
  • Battery backup & power fail alarms


Automation Solution

STREAM-A can fully automate processes utilizing a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller). The I/O is configurable to accompany the specific project requirements. It can be combined with a local HMI (Human Machine Interface), that can be accessed remotely.

  • Inputs, Outputs: configurable
  • Cellular, Ethernet & RS485 (Wi-Fi option available)
  • Process automation
  • Battery backup & power fail alarms


Sensors and Accessories

STREAMETRIC can provide turn-key monitoring and control systems, including all relevant sensors for AI-Flow predictions and your specific project requirements.

  • Level/Pressure Transmitters
  • Current Transformers (AMPs)
  • Antennas
  • Enclosures
  • IoT Gateways (PLC connections)
  • I/O-extension modules
  • Rain tipping buckets
  • Solar panels


Simple Installation

STREAMETRIC provides on-site and remote installation support. You have direct access to our technical experts through our support number. The flexibility of various connectivity and I/O options allows to connect a wide range of existing and new control panels.

Case Study

STREAMETRIC Solution: Western Virginia Water Authority & Dukes

The Western Virginia Water Authority provides wastewater services for over 60,000 customers in Roanoke, Franklin, Botetourt, Boones Mill, and Vinton. To achieve their vision of enhancing the well-being and quality of life for the regional community, they engaged with Dukes and STREAMTRIC, to bring latest innovative monitoring technologies to their sewage system and lift stations. 

AI-Flow Monitoring

STREAMETRICs AI Flow model can predict influent to the lift station, as well as the effluent of each pump, without a physical flow meter. Due to the self-learning capabilities, the so-called virtual sensor can achieve an accuracy like flow meters.

Monitoring Pump Efficiency & Energy Consumption

The utility, as well as the Dukes team, can access all information in a modern web application that runs on all devices with a web browser. Through the app, users can set up alarms, dashboards, get reports and analyze trends. This allows the ability to monitor pump health, efficiency, and energy consumption through proper data tracking.


Wastewater Plant


Water Plant / Distribution


Collection / Lift Station