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STREAMETRIC is the preferred SCADA solution for a wide range of applications by water & wastewater professionals. If you have an application that is not listed on this page, do not hesitate to contact our team of SCADA experts

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Collections & Lift Stations

Monitoring the collection system is important to avoid sewage overflows. The reliability of lift stations is key to stay in  compliance for wastewater collection. Modern cloud SCADA solutions allow to simply integrate remote sites into a central overview using wireless technologies. All information can be accessed conveniently on mobile devices, so it can be accessed in the field. Advanced alarms send targeted notifications to alert operators pro-actively in case of high levels, pump failures, power outages and other critical conditions.

AI Flow and I&I Monitoring

The wastewater sector faces a significant challenge known as Inflow and Infiltration (I&I), which pertains to the infiltration of groundwater and stormwater into the sewer system. In certain cases, I&I can make up a substantial portion, up to 70%, of the total flow entering the treatment plant. Besides the considerable financial implications, I&I can also lead to capacity constraints and overflow incidents. Consequently, identifying the primary areas where I&I occurs is pivotal for utilities to effectively tackle this issue. STREAMETRIC’s AI Flow monitoring offers a cost-effective solution for acquiring precise flow data within the collection system, eliminating the need for physical flow meters. This data allows for continuous, real-time tracking of I&I.


Wastewater Treatment Plants remove and eliminate contaminants from wastewater and converts this into an effluent that can be returned to the water cycle. Various treatment steps are combined in the process. Typical conventional treatment plants contain: Screening, Grit Removal, Primary treatment, Secondary treatment. Modern plants add Tertiary treatment and Disinfection steps. Independent from the treatment technologies, it is essential to monitor and control each process step. Modern Cloud SCADA is provided as a secure service, ensuring high reliability and uptime. Additionally, data from remote sites can be easily integrated in the same platform.

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Water Plant & Distribution

Safe and reliable drinking water supply is key for the health and wellbeing of people and animals, as well as for businesses and the industry. To provide clean water, utilities need to monitor, control, and document each step from the water source to treatment, storage, and distribution. An increasing challenge is outdated water infrastructure, leading to leaks that cause water loss, damage property, and create a risk to a reliable water supply. As a highly regulated industry, lots of effort goes into reporting. STREAMETRIC automates control processes, simplifies data collection from all steps, and streamlines reporting to the state/EPA.

Wastewater Plant

Water Plant / Distribution

Collection / Lift Station

AI Flow / I&I