The STREAMETRIC app combines modern online SCADA functionalities with powerful analytics. Simply access alarms, trends, dashboards, reports, and control functionalities for all your sites on any device. The STREAMETRIC app generates AI-Flow predictions for lift stations.



Secure and Simple to Use

STREAMETRICs cloud-based SCADA app is built on modern technology to provide a great user experience without sacrificing security.

Advanced Alarming:

Don't miss a thing!

STREAMETRIC delivers real-time notifications via E-Mail and Text. A full history of alarms is provided in a comprehensive overview in the app. Notification subscriptions can be user managed and alarm specific – ensuring you are notified only for relevant alarms. The advanced alarming feature allows to customers to define custom sets of rules for alarm creation. 

  • Real Time Alarm Notifications
  • Overview of All Alarms
  • Custom Alarm Rules & Priorities
  • Track Alarm Acknowledgments


Analyze your data

The STREAMETRIC app provides powerful data trending tools – on any device. You can create different charts, overlay data on multiple axes and combine data from different sites and events on one screen. 

  • Overlay Multiple Axes  
  • Synchronize Events With Sensor Data 
  • Combine Data From Different Sites 
  • Export Data & Charts 

Custom Dashboard:

Personalized View

Site overview dashboards can be fully customized by userswithout any programming. You can select a variety of widgets and arrange their position. Widgets provide a real-time overview of site’s operational conditions including asset status.

  • Asset's status visible at a glance
    • active alarms
    • Unacknowledged alarms
    • Predictive warnings
    • Urgency warning
  • Choose from widget dropdown menu
  • Custom widget creation available (per request)

Control: Manual or Automated

Asset Management From Your Fingertips

Take control – simply and reliably, no custom SCADA integration required. Full process automation capabilities. Access remotely, anytime, anywhere!

  • Change setpoints
  • Manual control
  • Remote in for maintenance/updates
  • Send data to plant from remote sites
  • Control logic remains locally
  • All secure and strictly access controlled


Flow Data Monitoring Without a Flow Sensor

STREAMETRICs virtual flow sensor technology uses artificial intelligence (AI) to predict the influent and pump effluent for lift stations in the collection system. You can visualize instantaneous values or daily flow aggregate in the app, set alarms and combine trends to identify Inflow and Infiltration (I&I).

  • Provides flow data w/out a Flow Meter
  • AI-Flow allows real time updates
  • Self-learning eliminates irregularities
  • 97% accuracy


Spend Less Time Compiling Reports.

Pulling together reports for state EPA can be a very timely process. With STREAMETRIC software, users have all data needed for reporting at their fingers tips. A new feature is in development that will allow for fully automated reports!

  • CSV Export data
  • Live report per Site & Asset includes:
    • Daily runtime
    • Daily cycles
    • Daily volumetric flow
    • Average daily efficiency
    • Daily energy Consumption
    • Active alarms

User Management:

Manage Users Online

Admins can simply invite and manage users in addition to assigning roles and access permissions for each site. Available access roles can be read-only, edit and admin level. Users can access multiple accounts with a single login.

  • Security through multiple user roles 
  • Custom access management 
  • Self-managed
  • Multi-account access possible 
Case Study

STREAMETRIC Solution: Western Virginia Water Authority & Dukes

The Western Virginia Water Authority provides wastewater services for over 60,000 customers in Roanoke, Franklin, Botetourt, Boones Mill, and Vinton. To achieve their vision to enhance the well-being and quality of life for the regional community they engaged with Dukes and STREAMTRIC to bring latest innovative monitoring technologies to their sewage system and lift stations. 

AI-Flow Monitoring

STREAMETRICs AI Flow model can predict influent to the lift station as well as the effluent of each pump without a physical flow meter. Due to the self-learning capabilities the so-called virtual sensor can achieve an accuracy like flow meters.

Monitoring Pump Efficiency & Energy Consumption

The utility as well as the Dukes team can access all information in a modern web application, that runs on all devices with a web browser. Through the app, users can set up alarms, dashboards, get reports and analyze trends. This allows the ability to monitor pump health, efficiency, and energy consumption through proper data tracking.


Wastewater Plant


Water Plant / Distribution


Collection / Lift Station