M|MBR is a leading system integrator and service provider for MBR systems in North America. The company started using STREAMETRIC in 2019. In the following testimonial Dennis Livingston, Technical Director of M|MBR, shares how the STREAMETRIC platform enables his team to pro-actively support their clients.


“My teams have helped to deliver nearly 300 membrane bioreactor (MBR) systems over the last two decades ranging in size from 5,000 gallons per day (gpd) to 42,000,000 gpd. In that time, we have used a variety of remote monitoring tools, including dial-up access to programmable logic computers (PLCs) and different supervisory, control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems. One of the best platforms for monitoring and optimizing MBR performance is, without a doubt, STREAMETRIC.


First and foremost, STREAMETRIC is easy to use, whether you are supporting one or multiple plants. Our team monitors the status of numerous installations from one coast to the other. Being able to setup personalized dashboards makes tracking performance at all these sites manageable. But the ability to quickly overlap critical data and to navigate through enormous amounts of online information is what makes the tool so useful.


Without STREAMETRIC, analyzing and comparing key parameters like permeate flow, flux, and permeability can take hours. With the STREAMETRIC “sync” function, and now with Event Log charts, performance evaluations can take minutes. Syncing multiple parameters, and changing time slices, allows us to quantify performance and understand the meaning of trends better. With a few clicks, we can look at a 1-hr window of operation, back out to look at the last 30 days for context, and then go back to our 1-hr time slice for assessment. If needed, we can drill down even further to create meaningful trends that support clear recommendations.


“M|MBR uses STREAMETRIC to help our operators prevent problems and optimize their plants’ performance. Examples of the type of support made possible with STREAMETRIC include membrane cleaning adjustments, coagulant dosing optimization for phosphorus removal, and improving ammonia removal as a function of air scour. In addition, to system performance optimization, our team is able send out weekly advice to operators based on concise, clear reports. Those reports, coupled with periodic equipment inspections, keep operators up to speed about how their equipment is performing compared to plant-specific metrics and relative to industry expectations.


STREAMETRIC is one of the best data monitoring platforms available for supporting MBR systems. Operators can use it as a cost-effective, easy way to stay on top of their systems and or team up with our experts through customized service plans. Whichever direction customers go, having predictive analytics and clear performance data at your fingertips is the best way to operate an MBR system. We highly recommend STREAMETRIC for any MBR system.”


Dennis Livingston, Technical Director, P.E.

M|MBR Systems